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Complete a simple, free profile to join the thousands of experienced, retired and semi-retired professionals who are finding innovative ways to get the most out of their second act.

Access short to mid-term employment, mentorship and volunteering opportunities as well as exclusive events and lifestyle offerings.

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BoomersPlus partners with employers to match qualified talent with short to mid-term, project and flexible roles.

By providing our clients with a list of vetted candidates within days, we provide unequaled control over the cost, time, and effort required to connect with great talent.

We deliver hard-to-find candidates for interview within 10 business days.

Boomers Lifestyle

Passing the Baton

Did you know that 1,000 Canadian employees retire every day? This mass exodus will affect business operations in the areas of talent management, compensation and benefit structures, innovative product development, office ergonomics, organizational safety, and yes – you guessed it – profits and losses.

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Are You a Modern Elder?

Chip Conley describes a Modern Elder as the marriage of wisdom and experience, with the curiosity of a beginner’s mind and a willingness to evolve and continue learning.

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