How we Work for Employers

BoomersPlus is a technology employment platform that helps employers move quickly from posting to interview, allowing managers to focus on what they do best: hire from a pool of qualified candidates. What makes us unique is the overall makeup of the over 4,000 and growing members (Boomers) within our database — highly qualified/vetted professionals, with on average 15+ years executive experience, representing nearly every industry — who are not actively available within the general labour pool.

Why Employers Trust BoomersPlus.com

BoomersPlus partners with employers, including not-for-profits and community organizations, to match qualified talent with short to medium term roles. We have built our reputation based on our deep pool of qualified and hard-to-reach candidates, our talent concierge, and our matching engine’s guarantee to deliver a vetted list of qualified candidates to clients in as little as 3-5 business days. Once satisfied with the candidates’ quality, we quickly connect employers to a short list of highly-matched candidates to arrange interviews, select and contract.

Up To 30x Faster

Go from the job posting to interviewing well-matched qualified candidates in as little as 3-5 business days

Access A Hidden Talent Pool

Get connected with hard-to-reach and semi-retired professionals who are not actively looking for jobs.

Spend Time Hiring – Not Screening

Skip screening and sorting so that your team can focus on what it does best: hiring from a pool of qualified candidates.

Enjoy Alignment

Partner with a team renowned for delivering high quality candidates.

Save Money

Pay a tiered amount for high quality matches – not a percentage of the value of the contract.

Turbocharge Your Team

Our proprietary matching technology and vetting process ensure that only the best candidates arrive at your door.

Our Value to Employers

By providing our clients with a vetted candidate list, we save on the time, cost, and effort of advertising for job placements while reducing the internal administrative burden of reading and ranking resumes to determine which ones are worthy of an interview.