Find Seasoned Talent Fast.

Our hidden pool of experienced executives, managers, and professionals are ready to interview in a matter of days.

BoomersPlus partners with employers of all sizes, including not-for-profits and community organizations, to match qualified talent with short/mid-term/long-term project and flexible roles (full-time, part-time, contract, flex-time) ranging in duration from 1-24 months.

Hidden Talent Pool

1000’s of highly qualified, seasoned professionals who are not actively searching job sites but are interested in opportunity and fit.

Tiered flat-fee

Our market friendly fees allow you to pay a portion upfront with the balance invoiced only when you have selected candidates for interview.

Interview Guarantee

Innovative technology and dedicated staff match you with seasoned candidates ready to interview in 10 days - guaranteed.

By providing our clients with a list of vetted candidates, we save on the cost, time, and effort of advertising for job placements, while greatly reducing the administrative burden of reading and ranking resumes to determine which ones are worthy of an interview.

How It Works

1. Initiation

Contract Signed

Job Search Form Submitted

Initiation Fee Invoiced

2. Matching

Talent Concierge – candidates matched

Screening + Vetting

First Round candidates supplied

3. Client Review

Candidates reviewed by client

Short-list identified

Final Candidate vetting

Short list supplied

4. Selection

Candidates are selected for interview

Interviews are scheduled

Match Fee is invoiced