Junk Food Can Cause Problems For The Brain

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The sky is blue. Water is wet. And junk food is bad for you. We all know that an over-indulgence of fatty and sugary foods can cause heart problems, as well as add on unwanted pounds. And yes, junk food does taste good. So good in fact, that it almost seems worth gaining weight if it means I can enjoy eating what I want. But if we knew that junk food could cause further, temporary damage to the brain, it might make us think twice about having an after-dinner cookie.

Well, I hate to be the one to report this, but studies have shown that sugar and fat from foods can effect cognitive functions, especially in older generations. The research indicates that these foods we love so much create bacteria in the gut, and that this bacteria can communicate with the brain and effect its functioning. Researchers have founds that the effects can drastically diminish a subjects ability to problem solve in relatively simple situations.

It’s bad news but it’s good stuff to know. Take a look at this article from Next Avenue for more on the research that goes in to this predicament. And be sure to stay healthy and ¬†enjoy life.