Seasoned Experts on Demand

Our hidden pool of experienced executives, managers, and professionals are ready to interview in a matter of days.

With record numbers retiring from the workforce, it is getting harder for employers to source quality candidates to interview – particularly for mid to senior level roles.

BoomersPlus helps solve this problem, specializing in matching our clients with a growing pool of highly skilled professionals looking for something different – engagement, purpose, challenge and flexibility.

Hidden Talent Pool

Access 1000’s of highly qualified, seasoned professionals who are not actively searching job sites but are interested in opportunity and fit.

Tiered flat-fee

Our market friendly fees allow you to pay a portion upfront with the balance invoiced only when you have selected candidates for interview.

Interview Guarantee

Innovative technology and dedicated staff match you with seasoned candidates ready to interview in 10 days - guaranteed.

By providing our clients with a list of vetted candidates, we save on the cost, time, and effort of advertising for job placements, while greatly reducing the administrative burden of reading and ranking resumes to determine which ones are worthy of an interview.

Succession Planning

With over 70% of business owners exiting their business within the next 10 years (over 40% in the next 5 years), succession planning is a critically important skill.

BoomersPlus provides access to seasoned and qualified experts who can help you:

  • Identify pre and post exit team needs
  • Develop your exit/transition strategy
  • Manage your business pre and post exit
  • Strategic financial planning / business valuation
  • Implement talent acquisition and retention strategy

Trust your succession plan to an expert.

BoomersPlus is pleased to offer CFIB members a 20% discount on all services related to succession planning. In the form at the bottom of this page, enter promo code: CFIB20.

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"It’s a unique way a business can fill a gap for good value, and everyone wants good value. It’s a changing world – more and more businesses need to work as lean and mean as they can. is something you can keep in your back pocket and pull it out when you need it."

Founding Member, Accounting Firm

"I was looking for a candidate (Term COO) that had broad experience, a proven track record, and the ability to share best practices. We tried all the conventional routes to hiring but kept coming up empty."

CEO, Credit Union

Seasoned Talent

Struggling to find seasoned talent? We help you connect with experienced professionals, fast.

BoomersPlus partners with employers of all sizes, including not-for-profits and community organizations, to match them with qualified candidates to interview within 10 days.

  • C-Suite and Senior Management
  • Project and General Managers
  • Skilled Professionals

Quickly access a hidden talent pool.

Advisers, Mentors and Coaches

Whichever stage your company is at, there are times when you need expert advice, someone to listen or a coach to help your company overcome obstacles and optimize potential.

BoomersPlus can connect you to the experience you need to:

  • Provide expert business advice
  • Implement strategic planning
  • Grow your business
  • Raise capital
  • Develop existing talent

Connect to experience.

"BoomersPlus consulted with me to understand our needs and challenges... and activated the position in its database. I received the senior human resource expertise that I required on a contract basis in a short turnaround time."

Founder, Winery

"We needed a part-time c-suite executive and BoomersPlus was able to provide us eight highly qualified candidates within 4 business days... I would highly recommend BoomersPlus for their efficient turn-around, professional service and their ability to supply well-qualified candidates."

CEO, Med Tech Company

Start Ups, Venture Capital and Portfolio Companies

BoomersPlus partners with startups and early-stage companies to help them find seasoned talent and fill leadership gaps that save early-stage companies time and operational burden while improving the speed and operational cost.

  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Controlled Cost
  • Critical Gap

Protect your investment.

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